Planning for our New Home

Hello everyone! Today is again one of those days when workload is at a low and all I wanna do all day is browse the internet for pretty ideas for our new abode.

We will be moving into our new home next month and I am SO excited! Thanks to Pinterest, I have a place to search and collect photos of lovely homes and just keep it there until I can finally apply it to our home. Maybe one day, I can also share some photos and give inspiration to others.

Here are some ideas that I have collected in my Pinterest board, Home:

I am so in love with those white rattan chairs! I have tried them out at IKEA and they are oh-so-comfy (especially with pretty fabric foam seat covers for your butt and back). I can imagine having two of those by the window, with a white coffee table in between. It will be just so gorgeous especially with lots of natural light coming in at daytime!

It is normal in Singapore homes that the laundry area is in the kitchen. With a tiny kitchen such as ours, I would not want our food to be anywhere near the detergents and softeners. But seeing this layout, it looks organized and acceptable. Would definitely do the oven-over-front-load-washer style in the photo, very space-saving.

Because our kitchen is “tiny”, I would like to take the dining area out and compress it together with the living area. This would also make communication easier in the house as most people will be spending most of their time in the living room while watching tv, and at the dining table having their meals (well, the kitchen is a busy place too, but not for everyone). We initially thought of having storage benches as dining seats, but so far have not found the perfect piece yet. We can settle for low back dining chairs and/or stools, and a small (maybe extendable) dining table for 4. Still torn between having a round or rectangular one. Depends on what our small space will allow.

And for kitchen organization, these would definitely be in. Love the roll out drawers which makes it easy to see what you have in your pantry. You can even put labels with expiration dates so no food/item will go to waste.

Also love the idea of hanging pots and pans inside the cabinet. Stacking them up would cause scratches on them which is a big NO-NO.

I will be looking around for more home ideas, and share them again with you soon.

Have a great day! 🙂

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