Baby Kicks

A month ago, Daddy felt Alexa’s movements in Mommy’s tummy for the first time. I was at 22 weeks then. A couple of weeks before that, I can already feel her roll around and doing some uppercut punches (at least that’s how I interpret it ‘coz everytime she does that, I feel it in my throat, making me cough).


Daddy was so excited when he felt her for the first time. It was like a little tummy wave. We were not sure if it was a kick, a punch, or a headbump, but just the thought of our little angel saying “hello” to us makes us want to jump for joy! Since then, Daddy would hold Mommy’s tummy at night while working, watching tv, or sleeping. He would whisper “I love you, baby” to her… which is followed by an “I love you too, Mommy”. Sweet Daddy (or uhm, jealous mommy? haha!)!

Every night, we would play the Baby Einstein Lullaby on Youtube to put her to sleep. At day time, on Mommy’s way to work, Alexa would listen (and dance) to upbeat songs such as Titanium and Payphone… her favorites! Among all the songs in the playlist, she grooves only to these. 🙂

Now at 26 weeks, I can feel her movements more often. As a first time mom, it is still sometimes unbelievable that a little person is growing inside me. It is of course, at the same time, exciting.


This is a cute photo I found in the internet. It illustrates baby’s movements in the tummy. The “pokes” are cute, but I wonder how painful the “jabs” can be…

It’s already mid-week, weekend’s almost here! More time for family bonding… and sleep!

Enjoy the rest of the week!



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