Maternity Shots: Trial #1

Today marks the beginning of my last trimester. In a few months, we will be welcoming Alexa into this crazy world!


We usually spend our Saturdays sleeping till noon, having late brunch, and doing house chores. But today is a nice sunny day so we decided to get up a couple of hours earlier and go to the park to do a trial of our DIY maternity shots.

Take a sneak peek of the photos we took. Still working on my photography and my (very basic) Photoshop skills. Hopefully, it gets better in time before the tummy pops!

Trying on the pose in my previous post, where the Daddy is holding a basketball. We forgot the ball at home, unfortunately. We’ll do it again when my tummy is a bit bigger and more ball-like.

Happy Daddy!

It was a fun morning! Hope you enjoyed the preview as much as we enjoyed taking them. More photos to share with you when we do our trial #2 a few weeks from today.

Back home now, hubby went back to sleep. 🙂

Happy Saturday!


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