From the Little Red Dot to the Big Apple

A very good friend, Ms. E, will be entering a new chapter in her life. From an 8-year life in Singapore, she’s moving to New York this Friday!

We met her for a very late dinner last Sunday for catching up and farewells, with little send-off gifts and a simple personalized card that I made (just because the pregnant lady was too lazy to go to the gift shop to buy. hihi!).


But isn’t it more special (even if it looks like it’s an artwork of a 10-year old kid, haha!)? Where would you find a Bon Voyage card specifically with “Singapore to New York” on it? A bit of hardwork makes it extra special and memorable!

Materials used: (whatever I can find at home)

  • 1 pc A4 card board, folded in half
  • brown recycled paper
  • glue
  • coloured markers

Procedure: According to creativity! *wink*

All the best for Ms. E! Cheers to CHANGE!


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