Baby Updates.. Week 28.5

A beautiful Saturday everyone!

Yesterday, I had my blood test for glucose tolerance. This is usually done between 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy to test for gestational diabetes, one of the most common health problems during pregnancy. Diabetes runs in both sides of the family (my Dad’s dad and hubby’s father) + I have PCOS, so there is a chance that my results will be positive of GD. But I’m staying positive too that I’m not… Positive thinking = less stress = less wrinkles = happy life = HAPPY BABY! *wink wink*

I was instructed to fast from 12mn on Thursday night and drink a bottle of glucose tolerance beverage starting at 8am on Friday. It should be finished before 10am just in time for my appointment with my gyne.

It is very sweet like concentrate orange juice. The nurse warned me not to throw it up. It is actually not that bad. Just needed to sip some water to clear my throat.

The results will be given during my next appointment which will be in three weeks. Unless it’s bad news, then they will have to give me a call next week. Fingers crossed that the results are A-OK!

Every visit to the gyne, we get to take a sneak peek of our little darling. This is her now at 28 weeks and 4 days…

Yes, I know that does not look like a baby, haha! That’s her head. She cannot fit the screen anymore! Good news is that everything is normal — her weight, size, body parts, and heartbeat. Her position during the scan is head down my lower abdomen, like she’s ready to come out already.

2.5 months more to go!

Enjoy your weekend!


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