Ideas: Bath and Kitchen Organization


And the countdown begins…

It’s confirmed, keys to our new house will be turned over to us on Monday night. We begged the previous owner to make us move on the weekend, but no can do so we have no other choice but to take some days next week off from work for the big move. Can’t wait!

And I also can’t wait to do stuff around the house. I don’t think the big belly can stop me! I have been collecting a lot of home decors and DIY ideas for our little but cozy abode, all in my Pinterest board, Home.

But today, why don’t I share with you ideas that I have gathered on home organization? At least for the bathroom and kitchen. In our home, they are usually the areas of chaos!

On bathroom organization:

I’m loving how these crates/wooden boxes are innovatively used in the house — as shelves, storage side tables, bed frame/headboardottoman, and coffee table. I am actually thinking of doing this in our bathroom. But since crates are a bit difficult to find here in Singapore, I would have to replace them with boxes or woven baskets.

Great idea so that small corners would not go to waste.

Putting bottle racks on the cabinet door maximizes storage space.

For more bathroom organization ideas, please click here.

On kitchen organization:

Uniform containers/bottles give your storage a cleaner look. Stick cute and colourful labels on them to add a creative touch.

These are just cheap baskets from the dollar store with magnets glued at the back. Saves space on your kitchen counters.

Makes use of slim spaces in your kitchen.

For more kitchen organization ideas, please click here.

On the side note, I just want to mention that I super adore this kitchen…

Such happy colours! The natural light coming in is a plus!

Any organization tips to share? I would love to hear from you.

Oh, another side note… the whole world welcomes Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal baby boy today! Congratulations to the new parents!


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