Pizza Pandesal

Flashing back to my childhood years, I would usually fry hotdogs (I was about 8 years old, that’s the only cooking method I know…) for my sisters and I to snack on after a long day in school. On weekends when my parents are at home, we would bond over making simple but special snacks such as Pizza Pandesal.

What is Pizza Pandesal? It’s pizza, with pandesal as the base bread, it’s that simple. But it brings a lot of memories to me…

Remember the Pandesal I made a few days ago? Here’s my post about it, just in case you missed it. Out of the 24 pcs, we had half of it left for the next day (05 Aug, hubby’s birthday). I thought of making breakfast for him. But instead of serving it with our favourite fillings, I thought why not give him a taste of what we do with pandesal as kids.

And so, the transformation of the plain homemade pandesal, to the simple but delectable Pizza Pandesal.


  • Pandesal
  • Pizza or tomato sauce (I used tomato ketchup)
  • Cheese, grated (I used cheese slices)
  • Ham, bacon, or any meat you want
  • Onion, bell pepper, or any veggies you want

Note: It’s actually your choice to put whatever you want on your pizza. I used whatever is available in my kitchen.


  • Preheat oven to 350 F
  • Cut pandesal in half if too thick, and use the inner side to put your fillings. If pandesal is already small and thin (like mine), use the flat side (bottom).
  • Spread pizza sauce on the pandesal, then put the grated cheese over it.
  • Add your choice of fillings.
  • Bake for about 10-15 minutes, or until cheese has melted and the fillings are cooked.
  • Serve.

I am in love with my oven. I’m planning to practice some more baking during the 4-day weekend, which starts tomorrow… 3 days unpacking and clean up, 1 day baking — that would do. Just thinking about it… Whew! This is going to be another tiring (but productive) weekend!

Do this with your kids. I’m sure they will cherish every moment of it. I did.



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