My Daughter is Super Awesome!

She is. I just know…

With only about a month and a half to go, we’re very excited to meet our super awesome little princess.

At week 33, her movements are becoming more often and prominent, and we’re getting lots of hello’s (a.k.a. pokes) from her throughout the day, especially when only Mommy and Daddy are around. She’s behaved when we’re with a big group of friends — shy, just like mommy and daddy!

Big belly is getting heavier everyday. Walking to work has become very tiring, and turning in bed from one side to the other is now difficult. Soon, I will be getting painful (?) jabs from her. Let’s see if she will be kind to Mommy.

Are you all watching the time today and are excited to get off from work? I am!

Have a great Friday, and of course, an AWESOME weekend!

P.S. As I am writing this, I am eating banana bread and soy milk as snack while waiting for lunch break. Never allow a pregnant lady to go hungry! haha!


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