DIY: White TV Console

White furnitures create the impression of a larger and lighter space. That is why last Saturday, we made the old dark brown TV console in the living room our first project. We painted it white!

I have painting experience years ago when I painted the violet walls of my old room into bright sunny yellow. I think painting furnitures are more difficult because of the little corners and small areas. This was hubby’s first painting project, and I can say he did a very good job.

This is the original color. There are some tape marks at the bottom of the shelf that we wanted to get rid of, hence painting the whole thing (except for the glass top, of course).

The whole place was messy and filled with paint smell during the whole weekend. Not good for me and baby Alexa. We had to keep all windows open to let the fumes out, and just stay out of the living room (-slash-painting-area).

While hubby was doing the painting, I stayed in the kitchen to cook our meals and bake some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Pandesal (second trial).

There was a lot of waiting time for drying in between coats and before use which actually tested our patience. But it was worth the wait. Here is our newly painted TV console…

What do you think?

It actually made a huge difference to our living room. It is now brighter and more pleasing to the eye. And more importantly, the tape marks are gone!

We’re looking forward to more DIY projects. Such a productive weekend we’ve had!

Have a great week ahead!

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