Getting the Hospital Bag Ready

Now that I’m almost in my full term, I think it’s time that I prepare my hospital bag. I’m the type of person who normally prepares things at the last minute, but I don’t think I can afford to do that this time, basically for two reasons:

  1. The hospital (Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore) is an hour and a half from home by MRT/bus or about 30 mins by car/taxi. It would be troublesome for hubby to go back home in case we forget something.
  2. Being a first time mom, I do not know what to expect even after hearing experiences from friends, so better be prepared.

Good thing the hospital has provided a list of what to bring, which mostly are things for myself ‘coz they will be providing stuff for my newborn (baby vests, receiving blanket, mittens, disposable diapers, and toiletries). Plus, after searching the web, I found a post by Miracule about her experience in giving birth at the same hospital where I’m going to deliver. She recommended to pack two bags — one labour bag and one post-delivery bag.

So, I guess these will be the items that have to be in my bags:

Labour bag

  1. Documents (important!) – hospital admission papers, my and hubby’s ID, marriage certificate/passport/re-entry permits (for birth registration at the hospital), and pre-delivery expense receipts (for claiming from Medisave). Not sure if my gyne will give me some more documents to bring, maybe in the next visits.
  2. Mobile phone, earphones, and charger – loaded with soothing music for relaxation during labour. Also necessary for Skyping with family overseas, and for informing family and friends about the baby’s arrival.
  3. Camera and battery charger
  4. Hair bands and clips
  5. Hot/cold gel pad to help relieve pain
  6. Snacks to keep me and hubby energised throughout labour

Post-delivery bag

  1. Disposable panties (she recommended non-maternity cotton panties as they are more comfortable)
  2. Maternity pads (she recommended to use the extra long soft cotton night pads in place of maternity pads as it’s more comfortable)
  3. Nursing bra, breast pads, nipple cream
  4. Button-down dressing gown (for easier breastfeeding) just in case I do not like the robe the hospital provides
  5. Cardigan or sweater to wear when I want to take a stroll
  6. Bedroom slippers
  7. Toiletries (basic toiletries will be provided by the hospital but I would need to bring my own stuff like facial wash, toothbrush, towel, etc.)
  8. Going-home attire for myself

Did I forget anything?

Hubby and I are uber excited for the big day to come! We have started counting down since September stepped in.

Hoping for a safe and easy delivery for myself and for all the mommies-to-be out there!



  1. Having just gone through this not too long ago the one thing I wished I had done differently was not bring so much stuff! The hospital did not supply a list, so I was left to google huge lists and pack a bag the hubby struggled to carry! One huge duffel bag! I like the two smaller bag idea! Best of luck to you !: )


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