Cloth Diapers

It’s my third favourite day of the week again.. Friday! Of course, Saturday and Sunday are the first two. Also, this probably would be my last Friday at work before I go on maternity leave. Yay!

Getting ready for Baby Alexa’s arrival which is in exactly two weeks, I am now looking around for baby stuff, both online and in the malls, that I will ask hubby to buy when the need arises. I want to make sure that if we buy it, we will surely use it.

Today, I received the Alva cloth diapers which I ordered the other day from an online store based in Singapore. They have cute designs and are very affordable. I was actually comparing them with those sold in Manila (Babyland brand), but after finding out online that they have the same quality and here is even cheaper (local delivery included), I opted to buy here in Singapore.

I became aware of cloth diapers when one of my good friends gave me some as gift during the baby shower. Then, giving it some thought and after reading about them online, I PLAN to go 100% cloth diapering for the following reasons:

  1. Eco-friendly. Seeing the floods in Manila caused by waste pollution (and being aware of the piles of garbage around the world, in general) has discouraged me to use disposable diapers. Just imagine, a baby can use, let’s say 10 diapers on average daily for the first year, times 365 days… that’s 3,650 disposable diapers added to the pile of garbage! No way, man!
  2. Cost-saving. With 3,650 disposable diapers for the first year from the calculation earlier, times S$0.45/diaper (average price of mid to premium range), it will cost about S$1,642.50! Comparing to cloth diapers (pocket-type and usable from newborn to 3 years) which I bought for S$7.50/pc, times 20 pcs (average daily usage), total investment of S$150.00. Even if adding the use of water and soap for washing, we can still save money in the long run, plus we can use them on our second child (..and third, and fourth… haha, stop right there!).
  3. No harmful chemicals. Baby’s bum will not be exposed to harmful chemicals which they say causes rashes. Prevention is better than cure!
  4. Cute designs. My current favorites are those with “safari” prints. But the pink polka dots design below is so cute!

Both disposables and cloth diapers has its pros and cons, but for us, we think that cloth diapers will be better for our baby, and for the environment as well.

Some of our friends have told us that we will not survive without disposables, but I also know some parents who have been 100% cloth diapering their babies and are very happy. So I guess it’s worth trying and see for ourselves which will be better for us.

In a few months, I will share with you our cloth diapering adventure once we get the hang of it. Maybe even with some tips and tricks to help mommies (and daddies) out there who also intend to use cloth diapers and be nice to Mother Earth!

For the meantime, I would like to wish you all a great weekend!

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