Maternity Shots: The Final Cut?

After weeks of wanting to do trial #2 of our DIY maternity photoshoot, and yet postposing due to our recent busy schedule, finally we had the time and energy to do it last Saturday. And it seems like this will be my final preggy photoshoot for baby #1.

Again, it was NOT a formal photoshoot with me in a dress but rather a relaxed weekend-at-home get up, just having fun posing with hubby for the camera. My tummy has gotten A LOT bigger than our last photoshoot, and I wanted that captured in print ‘coz I know that time will come that I would want to show these to Alexa in the future.

If you remember my previous post of Maternity Shots Ideas, there is a photo of the daddy holding the basketball which I found really interesting ‘coz it’s hubby’s fave sport. It’s a MUST to take this shot!

Parents having fun! Don’t you love the view behind us?

One of my favorites, a photo of Daddy with Baby Alexa. Soon, we will be taking lots of pictures of her outside Mommy’s tummy. Counting down continues…

Thanks for visiting my page. Good night!



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