What Babies Want

Ever wondered what your newborn baby wants to tell you when he/she cries? My first weeks with Alexa have really been crazy because I have to guess why she’s crying — either she needs milk, change of diapers, or a little dance to put her to sleep. Sometimes, it’s none of those and that really drives me nuts!

If you have the same problem as mine, watch this video:

Isn’t that amazing? Take note though that it applies only to infants 0-3 months old.

Just a quick review of the new “baby words” we just learned:

  • “Neh” – I’m hungry
  • “Owh” – I’m sleepy
  • “Heh” – I’m not comfortable
  • “Eair” – I wanna fart!
  • “Eh” – Burp me!

Try it! Your first 3 months with your baby will somehow be easier because you can already understand what she’s saying, er, crying about.

Happy Friday!

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