Thank you!

Today, on the other side of the world, is Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is actually not celebrated in Singapore nor in the Philippines, but this is a great time to look back on the things, and people, to be grateful for.

Some people may just be passers by in our lives, but somehow, they have touched us in one way or another. There may also be those who have hurt us, but have made us stronger persons in the end.

Every experience we have are little stepping stones to what we are to become, every pain and failure are moulding us into what God’s plan is for us. We just need to have faith in Him.

This year, I also had my share of hurts, a big chunk of which is from people who I trusted most. Because of that, I felt how much I am loved by my family, and I am very grateful for that.

The biggest blessing that I am greatly thankful for this year is the little person who those little toes belong to, the one who have tested our patience, strength, and capacity to love unconditionally. I will forever be thankful to baby Alexa for coming into our lives and for bringing more happiness into our family.

What are you thankful for?

Enjoy the turkey and Happy Thanksgiving!

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