Love at First Bite

Saturday, 22 February 2014, was a very special day because my two loves have finally met — my dear little princess and food! Haha!

A week ago, our little one had an unusual fussiness that she kept on sucking her fingers as if something in her mouth is bothering her. I tried to give her my index finger (folded, so she could bite on the mid-joint), and she bit on it real hard with her toothless gums. We concluded right at that moment that she’s teething, and she’s ready for food. But we still waited for her 5th month birthday to make it somehow special.

We gave her rice cereal + milk to start. In the next days, we’ll puree some veggies and fruits for her. Better to start them early to eat the healthy stuff!

Those facial expressions are just so precious! And I can see in her eyes, she also has a big heart for food!


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