Alexa @ 9 months

Wow, I can’t believe she’s three-fourths of a year already! Time really flies by so fast!

Here’s some of the things that she can do now:

  • clap her hands
  • close/open fingers
  • listen attentively when mommy is singing to her nursery rhymes. She loves ABCs.
  • hold on to something, and stand on her own.
  • crawl on the floor for hours, and make daddy tired.
  • high five with mommy
  • kiss (with mouth wide open!)
  • make bubbles with her saliva
  • laugh so hard
  • scream at the top of her lungs!

She is still a toothless cutie. Her first pair of teeth is still yet to come out, maybe in a couple of weeks more. Can’t wait!


Thanks for dropping by,

Alexa’s Mom


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