Luise is already 8 months… that means that I my last post was 8 months ago!

I chose to spend my time with the kids after work and on weekends that writing here have been somewhat ignored. The kids are growing up really fast! And because I will not be able to bring back time and I definitely don’t want to miss on their precious milestones, hubby and I decided that I quit my job and be a stay-at-home-mom.


Aren’t they adorable?! Being a SAHM means having more time playing with them, fully breastfeeding the little chubby one, and more time for my kitchen experiments and DIY projects too! I’m actually excited that I will get to do what I really love, that my projects for the next months are already lined up. If all goes well, I will be sharing them with you.

Oh, I have also started to do meal planning and doing my grocery list weekly to save some money, since we’re now living on a single income. And first one on my breakfast list is my favorite, Taho! It’s silken tofu with brown sugar syrup and sago pearls. It’s usually peddled on the streets in the Philippines and the peddler would call out “TAHOOOOOOO!!!!”.


Photo source: Magtataho

There is something similar here in Singapore, but it does not have the same sweetness which I miss. So I decided to make one, and I never thought that it’s actually very easy! Recipe adapted from Panlasang Pinoy.

Filipino Taho


  • 600g extra soft tofu
  • 1 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup uncooked sago pearls
  • 4 1/2 cups water


  • Boil 4 cups of water. Put in sago pearls and cook in medium heat until transparent (I used small sago pearls and it took about 10-15 minutes to cook). Add 1/4 cup brown sugar and mix well. Turn off heat and set aside. Let it cool to room temperature.
  • Boil 1/2 cup of water. Add 1 cup brown sugar, mix well, and simmer till mixture becomes thick. Set aside.
  • Transfer tofu in a mug and heat in the microwave oven for a minute.
  • Top the tofu with brown sugar syrup and sago pearls.
  • Serve warm and enjoy!

For this, I used silken tofu which actually did not work for me. It should be softer and silkier, like melt-in-your-mouth soft. So a quick solution was I bought the Singapore version and added my syrup and pearls. Yummy!

What is your favorite childhood breakfast?



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