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Before the balloon popped!

Happened earlier this month…


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Alexa Turned Two

My little girl, Alexa, has turned two (last month — another late post)! Time flies just like that! We also had welcomed our new bundle of joy, Luise, a few weeks back. Hello, sleepless nights!

Just like Alexa’s first birthday, we had another DIY party for her. But she had fun this time because her friends were there too! We did not have any games like other children’s parties (due to my poor hosting skills and space constraints), but we had lots of food, non-stop Barney videos, and kids running around, laughing, and screaming. It was such a fun chaos!

Now let me share with you my labor of love for Alexa for this year…

The cake.

It’s a funfetti white cake with rainbow petal buttercream frosting. I did enjoy doing the frosting. I got both the cake design and cake bunting printable from posts in Pinterest.




The cupcakes.

They are rainbow cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and rainbow rice sprinkled on top, also from a post in Pinterest.


May this year be as colorful as these cakes for our first princess.

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Alexa’s Mom

DIY: First Birthday Party

Oh wow! I can’t believe it has been more than 2 months since my last post! Things have been busy at home and in the office. My new job is great so far.

Our dear princess, Alexa, turned ONE year last month. At first, I was hesitant about giving her a party. Reason is, she won’t remember anything about her first birthday. I, myself, only remember my first birthday party through pictures.

Then, looking back at my childhood, our parties are all prepared by my Mom (and we remember her for that!). We don’t have event organizers, 100 or so guest lists, or anything fancy — just homemade food, simple party games, cake blowing and loot bags for the guests. On my 3rd birthday, I had a costume party, with all my friends dressed as super heroes, and myself dressed as a metro aid (street sweeper). It all happened at our humble home.

So I thought, why not I do the same? A party prepared by us, for Alexa, with LOVE!

Everything was DIY.

The cake. It was my first time to make a fondant cake, and I can say it was a success! It is a one layer chocolate cake covered with white homemade marshmallow fondant and the owls and letters are made of store-bought sugar paste.  The owl designs are adapted from YouTube

The decors. Since we’re on a tight budget, I made the decors out of colored paper. Simple yet it has brightened up the living room. Thanks, of course, to Pinterest!

These are photos of her from birth to 1 year. How time flies!

The food. All were home-cooked. We had spaghetti, chicken lollipops, and spring rolls, just as what Mom used to serve our friends during our birthday parties. Of course, we have the dessert table in addition. My sister K from Manila sent over a cake she made especially for Alexa. We called it the “mini me” cake, see why..

Isn’t it pretty? It’s got Alexa’s nose and chubby cheeks!

Here’s the dessert table…

The banner design is a free printable from Pinterest. Sorry for the poor photo quality, the light is too bright outside. Here’s another shot, with the birthday girl.

And the cupcake stand — vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting…

We also had chocnut (chocolate + peanut, from Manila), red hotdogs + heart marshmallows, and a bowl of grapes.

It was very simple yet a whole lot of fun! I hope our princess enjoyed herself too.


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Alexa’s Mom



Alexa @ 9 months

Wow, I can’t believe she’s three-fourths of a year already! Time really flies by so fast!

Here’s some of the things that she can do now:

  • clap her hands
  • close/open fingers
  • listen attentively when mommy is singing to her nursery rhymes. She loves ABCs.
  • hold on to something, and stand on her own.
  • crawl on the floor for hours, and make daddy tired.
  • high five with mommy
  • kiss (with mouth wide open!)
  • make bubbles with her saliva
  • laugh so hard
  • scream at the top of her lungs!

She is still a toothless cutie. Her first pair of teeth is still yet to come out, maybe in a couple of weeks more. Can’t wait!


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Alexa’s Mom

Alexa @ 8 months

Here are some of the recent Instagram snapshots of Alexa.

Isn’t she adorable? Just last month when she learned to sit on her own. She’s growing up too fast, and always excited to try out new things (like bypass sippy cups and drink straight from the glass/straw, imitating mommy).

You can follow our Instagram here.

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Alexa’s Mom

First Beach Experience

Alexa is turning 6 months this Saturday. Time flies really fast!

Last weekend, we spent the afternoon at the Palawan Beach in Sentosa. It was Alexa’s first beach experience, hoping she’s gonna love it ‘coz she loves playing with water when she’s bathing. When I dipped her feet in the water, this was what happened…

I guess she cannot handle the sound of the waves yet. Excited mommy here!

The weather was perfect so we laid out our mat on the sand and spent some quality family time together. Daddy comforted his little princess and played with her while mommy took photos of them.

That toothless smile! *heart melts*

Love at First Bite

Saturday, 22 February 2014, was a very special day because my two loves have finally met — my dear little princess and food! Haha!

A week ago, our little one had an unusual fussiness that she kept on sucking her fingers as if something in her mouth is bothering her. I tried to give her my index finger (folded, so she could bite on the mid-joint), and she bit on it real hard with her toothless gums. We concluded right at that moment that she’s teething, and she’s ready for food. But we still waited for her 5th month birthday to make it somehow special.

We gave her rice cereal + milk to start. In the next days, we’ll puree some veggies and fruits for her. Better to start them early to eat the healthy stuff!

Those facial expressions are just so precious! And I can see in her eyes, she also has a big heart for food!

Alexa @ 4 Months

My baby is 4 months old today!

Mommy and Daddy is having so much fun playing with her. She would laugh and make a high-pitched “aaaaahhhh!!!” when she’s happy. She’s is starting to imitate sounds around her, and the one she imitates best is Mommy’s cough! Lol!

Alexa loves it when people notice her and talk to her, and cries when nobody does. What an attention-seeker! Just like Grandpa, haha! She also likes watching TV, those shows with people talking because she thinks that they are talking to her. While watching, she would smile and respond.

At night, she can sleep for 5 to 7 hours straight, which is good because Mommy and Daddy gets some rest too. No more sleepless nights! I hope her sleeping pattern stays that way.

When awake, she doesn’t like lying down. She would try to pull herself to sit up, which she can’t do yet. She can lie on her side, though. And she loves eating her fingers! (I think she’s sucking on her fingers to pacify her hunger at night, she doesn’t want to wake us up!)

If only I could just spend the whole day cuddling this cutie pie. *gigil*

*Gigil n. 1 tagalog word; trembling or gritting of the teeth in response to a situation that overwhelms your self-control. 2 when seeing a cute baby, one gets overwhelmed that it’s hard to resist from pinching the baby’s cheeks.