2 months baby

Alexa @ 2 Months


Alexa turns 2 months old today. Isn’t she lovely in that little dress and pink headband?

Daddy and I were amazed the first time we heard Alexa’s “ooh” sounds like she can understand what we are telling her. She would look at us in the eye as if she’s trying to remember every detail of her parents’ faces. And those little giggles? Priceless!

At night, we sleep next to each other, and I would wake up with her lying on one side facing me. In a few weeks, maybe she would already be rolling over to lie on her tummy. Another milestone of hers to look forward to!

We can’t wait to see how she is as a toddler, a school kid, and as a grown up. But of course, we’re taking things one step at a time and we would not want to miss her “firsts” for anything.

A great weekend to all!


What Babies Want

Ever wondered what your newborn baby wants to tell you when he/she cries? My first weeks with Alexa have really been crazy because I have to guess why she’s crying — either she needs milk, change of diapers, or a little dance to put her to sleep. Sometimes, it’s none of those and that really drives me nuts!

If you have the same problem as mine, watch this video:

Isn’t that amazing? Take note though that it applies only to infants 0-3 months old.

Just a quick review of the new “baby words” we just learned:

  • “Neh” – I’m hungry
  • “Owh” – I’m sleepy
  • “Heh” – I’m not comfortable
  • “Eair” – I wanna fart!
  • “Eh” – Burp me!

Try it! Your first 3 months with your baby will somehow be easier because you can already understand what she’s saying, er, crying about.

Happy Friday!