Alexa @ 9 months

Wow, I can’t believe she’s three-fourths of a year already! Time really flies by so fast!

Here’s some of the things that she can do now:

  • clap her hands
  • close/open fingers
  • listen attentively when mommy is singing to her nursery rhymes. She loves ABCs.
  • hold on to something, and stand on her own.
  • crawl on the floor for hours, and make daddy tired.
  • high five with mommy
  • kiss (with mouth wide open!)
  • make bubbles with her saliva
  • laugh so hard
  • scream at the top of her lungs!

She is still a toothless cutie. Her first pair of teeth is still yet to come out, maybe in a couple of weeks more. Can’t wait!


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Alexa’s Mom


Alexa @ 8 months

Here are some of the recent Instagram snapshots of Alexa.

Isn’t she adorable? Just last month when she learned to sit on her own. She’s growing up too fast, and always excited to try out new things (like bypass sippy cups and drink straight from the glass/straw, imitating mommy).

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Alexa’s Mom

How Dad is at Home


I know I’ve been gone for quite some time. Here’s just some humor to start me off into the writing mood.

It has been crazy busy these past weeks with the holidays and other things. We went back to Manila so Alexa can meet the rest of the family. They were all so excited to see her. Who wouldn’t be? She’s such a doll!

She’s turning four months tomorrow! Oh, time… can you slow down a bit?

Some more recipes on my Pinterest are yet to be tried out. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Lunch break’s over, gotta get back to work! Ciao!

P.S. It’s kinda late, but I do hope you had a great Christmas celebration and a joyful start of 2014. We did! I ate too much though, so I need to do something about these extra pounds, asap!

Alexa’s First Week

Today, Baby Alexa is 9 days old. These 9 days have been a challenging but learning experience for me and hubby, being first time parents.

I still cannot believe that she’s here already, and that I am already a mommy.

Her first photo at home

Like a boss!

Drink up!

Nice eyebrows, ‘no? That’s the first thing that people notice when they first see her.

She had her first day out yesterday. We visited her pediatrician and applied for her passport. Her Auntie is coming over to visit next week so she can expect more day and night outs around the city.

More updates soon. Will be baking some brownies to give my gyne tomorrow as a thank you gift for a job well done.

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Maternity Shots: The Final Cut?

After weeks of wanting to do trial #2 of our DIY maternity photoshoot, and yet postposing due to our recent busy schedule, finally we had the time and energy to do it last Saturday. And it seems like this will be my final preggy photoshoot for baby #1.

Again, it was NOT a formal photoshoot with me in a dress but rather a relaxed weekend-at-home get up, just having fun posing with hubby for the camera. My tummy has gotten A LOT bigger than our last photoshoot, and I wanted that captured in print ‘coz I know that time will come that I would want to show these to Alexa in the future.

If you remember my previous post of Maternity Shots Ideas, there is a photo of the daddy holding the basketball which I found really interesting ‘coz it’s hubby’s fave sport. It’s a MUST to take this shot!

Parents having fun! Don’t you love the view behind us?

One of my favorites, a photo of Daddy with Baby Alexa. Soon, we will be taking lots of pictures of her outside Mommy’s tummy. Counting down continues…

Thanks for visiting my page. Good night!


Baby Shower for Baby Alexa

In about five weeks from now, another life-changing experience will be coming to our lives. Baby Alexa is due to arrive and meet us all!

In preparation to that, we had our new home blessed and had a small baby shower get together with our close friends last Saturday. The preparation was a lot of fun, having my friends Ms. S and Ms. C to help me out in cooking, baking and decorating while we chat, laugh, and catch up on each other’s life stories.

The baby shower ideas that I have gathered from Pinterest were a huge help! We did not have an outdoor BBQ party as planned, but instead had a simple lunch-to-dinner at home for convenience and comfort.

Of course, I did not want to miss this opportunity to do the dessert table for our first born. And so, I want to share with you how it all turned out.

Lovin’ PINK already! And I am happy with the way all the details have matched and turned out really pretty.

These cute paper lanterns are from Daiso (at S$2.00 each.. love that place!).

The pink cherry bunting and baby feet are free printables found in the internet (sources can be found on the template). Thanks to the generous sources, it saved me so much time and effort to do the decors.

As mentioned in my post sometime last month, Alexa’s nickname is MAX, hence Baby Max written on the bunting. It has already been approved by her grandpa (my dad). He wants a baby boy, so for the meantime a boy-sounding name will do. Haha!

Free printables are also used to decorate the treats. Click below for the sources:

Our baked goodies on improvised platters — chocolate crinkles on a wooden chopping board, mini carrot muffins on a cupcake stand (out of 2 plates of different sizes and a coffee mug in between. No gluing done.), and cinnamon mini donuts on a plate with light blue paper. I will post the recipes soon!

Alexa’s parents… Daddy on the left, mommy on the right. Do you think mommy’s cuter than daddy? *wink*

Light pink table cloth, bright pink doily-like table runner (originally an anti-slip mat, but its color contrast to the table cloth is pretty so had to use it here!), and pink with white polka dots photo frame are all from Daiso (also at S$2.00 each. Everything you can find there is at S$2.00!). White photo frames are from Ikea.

It was a fun day for everyone. Tiring though from all the preparations that hubby and I had to sleep in till noon of Sunday. But it was all worth it.

Hope you liked my baby shower table setup. I will definitely do it again for Alexa’s first birthday, or a friend’s baby shower… let’s see what event will come up next.

Please stay tuned for the recipes of the baked treats I made.

Happy Monday!

Ideas + DIY: Nursery Decors and ABCs

A great Sunday to all of you.

From my previous post, I mentioned that I have been collecting inspiration for my baby girl’s nursery. Lots of ideas, it’s overwhelming! The last time I felt this was during my wedding preparation, when I was so confused with all the ideas I saw in the internet, as well as friends’ and family’s inputs. Gladly, we got to mix all the great ideas and it turned out to be a beautiful and solemn ceremony for me and hubby, which was enjoyed as well by everyone close to our hearts.

Going forward to the present, since I am into the mood for decorating the nursery (at least in my dreams at the moment *wink*), I have also been collecting photos of decors and accents for the baby’s room. They are also found in my Pinterest board, Baby Love.


Yes, I’m into pink + gray. Plus, the cutie gray ellie and the message “dream big, little one”, who wouldn’t be in love with this? Words of inspiration not just for kids, but for adults as well. Nobody should stop dreaming and believing in themselves.


I don’t know why, but I find elephant designs cute for the nursery. Especially if they are in color pink or gray. Move over teddies! (This mommy’s not a fan of teddy bears!)


Green + pink + white also make a good color combination. Love the white owl lamp base!

As a way to boost the kids’ learning, my sister K (mom of my 11-month old baby niece, M) shared to me that I should stick alphabets and shapes on the walls. Found some cute frames in Pinterest which I found interesting and easy to do.



There’s another ellie!


The above photo has been my inspiration for my first nursery project — the alphabets with the little one’s name highlighted. But instead of repeating the alphabets, I swapped two letters so the letters of her name is in order. For my project, I highlighted M-A-X, Alexa’s nickname.


Of course it’s in pink + gray! The Tigger stuffed toy was given to me by hubby when we were still dating. And it will be passed on to Alexa.

The frame is an old IKEA Nyttja frame. The letters were designed using Adobe InDesign and printed on 6 pieces A4 paper. I just pasted it together. I made some mistakes along the way with some letters not aligned, only can be seen when you look at it closely. It looks nice from afar though, somehow. 🙂

More DIYs (and recipes) are on the line, all reserved to be done after the house move and during my maternity leave.

For the meantime, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and wishing you all a great work week ahead!

Coffee Buns for Breakfast

Good morning!

Just sharing with you what I had for breakfast today. Since I (very much miss but..) cannot have my usual cup of coffee ‘coz it’s a no-no for pregnant women, I just had a coffee bun from Roti Mum. It has a small amount of caffeine (about 2-3 tsps per 12 buns) so I guess it wouldn’t hurt me and my little Alexa.

YUM! For a mom-to-be-on-the-go and not-a-morning-person-so-just-bring-your-breakfast-to-work kind of person like me, this is a delish option to kickstart your morning.

What did you have for breakfast?

Enjoy your day!

*For Roti Mum outlets, see their website.