DIY: Bean bag

We had one 3-day weekend in September, and how did I make it a productive one? I wiped the dust off my abandoned sewing machine and had it running! This time, I made a bean bag, or pouf (whatever you want to call it), out of S$3.90 floor rugs from Ikea. The kiddo loves it!


Click here for the nicely detailed instructions on how to make it.

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DIY: Recovering an Old Baby Carrier

Hello there!

After 4 days of struggling with my not-so-good sewing skills, finally I’m already done satisfied with the result of the baby carrier (a.k.a. car seat) that I’m trying to recover for my Baby Alexa.

I got this 10 year old car seat from a generous freecycler who also gave us a matching baby stroller and some of her maternity clothes. Yeah, I’m into free stuff, even if that means giving some effort to disinfect/wash/fix that item.

We don’t have a car to use the car seat for, but I thought of using it as a baby carrier/little bed for Alexa when we just hang around the house. She can sleep on it while Mommy is watching TV in the living room, or have to prepare our meals or do laundry.

Mrs. Freecycler has 3 boys so the car seat’s colour is blue. I wanted to change it into a neutral colour, just in case Alexa would have a baby brother in the future, haha! 

This is how the original car seat looked like.

I have a stash of cloths that were purchased when I had my sewing machine. I found only one cotton cloth which was supposed to be made into a dress, but was not able to because I don’t know how to sew clothes. The others are fabrics which would be perfect for throw pillows or for reupholstering the window seat in our bedroom. Those projects would be for later.

I used 125cm x 58 cm cotton cloth, which was washed together with the separated parts of the car seat cover (shown in the photo above) before being sewn. After drying, I did not bother to remove the original blue checkered fabric. Instead, I just sew the new fabric over the old one.

Here is how the recovered car seat cover has turned out, with guide from Ashley’s post.

We wanted to change the color of the blue car seat frame into gray, but paint is not an option ‘coz it might be harmful for the baby so we just leave it. Maybe covering the belt straps with matching fabric would do. That would be shared in another post.

What do you think of this project? Not bad, eh?

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